Telco Services

Local Loop Service

In this cloud-based, application-centric world, access to cloud with the data application is a critical challenge. The interconnection between customer office or private data centre and public cloud becomes very crucial to customer businesses.

Cloud Telecom's local loop service is for last-mile connectivity between commercial buildings and data centres in Singapore. This service will help customers establish direct private connectivity between their data centre, office, or colocation environment to their chosen cloud provider, CDN provider or any digital transformation service provider. Unlike internet-based connections, this service will provide a more consistent and scalable network experience to the customer.


Customers may also use this local loop service to connect to our DCI service, where they can have any virtual number of VPN connections towards well-known data centres like Equinix and Global Switch and more to come. With such connectivity, customers can connect to Cloud Service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, SAP Cloud, Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform and many other providers hosted in these data centres.