Capability and Competency

The core team are Telecom professionals by nurture due to their extensive years of experience from significant Telcos in Singapore. Each individual has their domain of knowledge and exposure to different roles such as planning, operation, maintenance and deployment of fibre, WDM, Router, Switch and Systems such as OSS, monitoring and automation. On top of this platform, they had the experience of rolling out services such as VPNs, Metro-E, SDN and a plethora of systems that support these services.

Cloud Telecom deploys well-known global equipment providers to ensure that the hardware that runs our network to serve our customer is from highly reputable companies worldwide and on par with those existing known local and global telecom providers.

We have our 24/7 service desk support with multiple communication channels such as chat and voice calls, ensuring that we will always have an "ear to lend", especially at critical moments of your business. We fully understand the pressure anyone feels in the heat of the battle. That's why it is essential for us that the post-sales aspect of our service is well taken care of.

With the experienced core pioneering people on board and the ability endowed by the IMDA authorities to lay fibre and build telecom infrastructure, Cloud Telecom can support customer in providing the required connectivity anywhere and any amount of capacity in Singapore and its borders.