Cloud Telecom Partnerships

In Cloud Telecom, we believe that only together, we can make things better. We understand that a sustainable development requires local partnerships in Singapore, and we have been growing together with our partners.

We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses, we value our partners and jointly develop great products and services for our customers.

Wider choice and greater flexibility built on the collective strength of our partners. Our partner ecosystem enables us to offer you a comprehensive suite of solutions, saving you the time and hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. Our differentiated offers allow us to best respond to our customers' expectations and help their business create value.


The proliferation of smart edge devices and high-speed internet has revolutionized the telecommunications sector, and the advent of 5G is further bolstering this transformation. Cloud Telecom cover key segments like distribution, IoT/M2M, content/OTT, MVNO, and more. Telecom leaders are currently thought to be risking billions of dollars as they struggle to address a host of challenges. High-cost wireless and fixed connections, coverage outages, demand for improved customer service, and an ever-growing list of competitors are only some of the roadblocks in deriving ROI.

It’s essential for operators to alter this approach to remain relevant and for their businesses to be profitable. They will need to move beyond delivering connectivity to become digital ecosystem enablers, co-creating new services with partners and subscribers. Cloud Telecom converges three key tenets of modern business success: improved customer experience, service innovation, and competitiveness.

In addition to 5G, new technologies that create partnership opportunities include IoT, network function virtualization, software-defined networking, cloud-based platforms, and more.