Carrier Service

Cross-border between Malaysia and Singapore

Planning to establish a reliable connection between Singapore and Malaysia?

Cloud Telecom has great connectivity between Singapore and Malaysia through Tuas 2nd Link bridge and Woodlands Causeway. We offer reliable connectivity services between Singapore, Johor, Cyberjaya and even Kuala Lumpur. 

Let us solve all your interconnection needs between Singapore and Malaysia. Contact us to obtain more details.

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)

Redundancy at its Finest: Say goodbye to single points of failure. With Cloud Telecom DCI's route diversity, your data takes multiple paths between data centers, providing built-in redundancy that safeguards against network outages and disruptions. Rest easy knowing that your business operations are protected by a resilient and robust connectivity infrastructure.

Maximized Uptime: Keep your business running smoothly with Cloud Telecom DCI's commitment to uptime excellence. By leveraging diverse routes, we minimize the risk of service interruptions caused by fiber cuts, equipment failures, or natural disasters. Experience uninterrupted connectivity that keeps your operations online and your customers satisfied, 24/7.

Backhaul Connectivity

Global Reach: Expand your horizons and tap into new markets effortlessly. With direct connections to major data centers and submarine cable systems, Cloud Telecom Backhaul Services provide unparalleled access to international markets across Asia, Europe, and beyond. Break down barriers and unlock boundless opportunities for growth.

Unrivaled Performance: Say goodbye to bottlenecks and latency issues. With Cloud Telecom Backhaul Services, enjoy lightning-fast data transmission powered by cutting-edge DWDM technology. Experience the true potential of your network with high bandwidth capacity and efficiency.

Dark Fibre@Sunview

Dark Fibre Infrastructure: Leverage our extensive dark fiber network spanning key locations to establish direct, private connections between your data centers.

High-Speed Connectivity: Say goodbye to bandwidth constraints. Our dark fibre solutions offer virtually unlimited bandwidth, enabling data transfer at blazing speeds to meet your most demanding requirements.

Low-Latency Connections: Experience minimal latency and superior performance for mission-critical applications, ensuring swift data transmission and real-time responsiveness.

MRC and IRU options available!

OPEN TO RESELL for all Partners!

Underground Pipe Leasing

Cost-Effectiveness: Save time and resources by leasing underground conduits from Cloud Telecom, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming excavation and installation work.

Flexible Lease Options: Choose from a range of lease options tailored to your project requirements, including short-term leases for temporary deployments or long-term agreements for permanent installations.

Get Started Today: Unlock the potential of your underground infrastructure projects with Cloud Telecom's pipe leasing services. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and explore how we can support your project's success.