Optical Network Infrastructure

Cloud Telecom has been building an optical network platform that covers the major Datacenters in Singapore by using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technologies to make multiple light wavelengths to send data over the same medium.

We adopt next-generation programmable coherent DWDM technology to maximize fibre capacity, with Multiplexer / Demultiplexer we put 40 to 48 wavelengths into the spectrum of a fibre, each wavelength can carry 400G line rate. As a result, each network segment can be upgradable to more than 19 Terabit per second.


The ROADM is deployed in our network that makes our multiple DWDM rings network integrated into one whole network with

  • Add/drop/passthrough wavelengths via remote provisioning;
  • Dynamically balance the power between all wavelengths sharing a fibre;
  • Dynamically control the input power of incoming waves;
  • Automated chose wavelength routing in multi-degree sites;
  • Reconfigure wavelength paths to avoid cable maintenance or to perform restoration.

The Optical Line Protection (OLP) in our DWDM network provides 1:1 protection for all wavelengths and providing automatic traffic reroute in case of fibre cut, equipment failure such as ROADM and MUX/DEMUX.