Enterprise Service

Local Loop to Commercial Building

Direct Access, Maximum Speed: Say goodbye to shared connections and bandwidth bottlenecks. With local loop connectivity, your business enjoys direct access to high-speed internet infrastructure, ensuring lightning-fast speeds and maximum performance. Experience the power of dedicated connectivity tailored to meet your business needs.

Instant Cloud Connectivity: Welcome dedicated and high instant access to the cloud. With local loop connectivity, your commercial building gains direct, dedicated access to cloud services, ensuring rapid data transfer speeds and minimal latency. Empower your team to collaborate seamlessly in real-time and harness cloud-based applications effortlessly.


Direct/Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Looking for an Enterprise grade Direct/Dedicated Internet access without the complexity of owning or leasing Internet number resources (AS number and IP addresses) and costly routers to contain the full BGP internet route ?

Cloud Telecom DIA service can meet such need, being a Telco we are connected to more than 3 upstream providers and ever increasing as we seek to improve our internet service overtime.

Contact us for more dynamic discussion both in terms of commercial and technical.

Our Direct/Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) delivers the consistent high performance you need to run those challenging applications—and reach customers via the internet quickly and reliably

DIA services is best for:

  • Medium-sized and enterprise organizations that need to run demanding applications
  • Small businesses that need a reliable way to keep their business connected
  • All industries, including Public Sector, financial, manufacturing and retail

How does it help you?

  • It can help you support high-bandwidth applications, easily share information and enable high-speed transactions.
  • Burstable and tiered pricing options help you dial up bandwidth with demand

IP Transit

IP transit refers to a commercial service that the customer pays, to enable internet traffic to travel to the desired destination over Cloud Telecom's IP Transit service.

AS (autonomous systems)

IP Transit service utilizes BGP protocol by AS to interact with one another and allow IP transit to occur via reachability information.

All AS have their sets of IP addresses & devices connected to them. The internet routing table enables AS to communicate with each other and allow for internet transit to happen using this protocol.

IPV4 Leasing Services 

Immediate Availability: Leasing allows you to quickly obtain IPv4 addresses without waiting for lengthy approval processes or auctions associated with purchasing IPv4 blocks. This immediate availability is particularly beneficial for projects or initiatives with time-sensitive requirements.

Flexibility: Flexibility in terms of scalability and adaptability to changing requirements. You can adjust the number of leased addresses and the duration of the lease according to their evolving needs without being tied to a long-term commitment or investment.

Cost-Effectiveness: Leasing IPv4 addresses can be more cost-effective than purchasing them outright, especially for short-term or temporary needs. Instead of investing in a large block of IPv4 addresses that may not be fully utilized, you can lease only the addresses they need for the required duration.


Managed Data Centre Services

We offer a managed data centre support service to ensure your cloud and IT infrastructure are well maintained and secured

  • Build, protect your hybrid colocation infrastructure architecture
  • Networking & server monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Helps you in capacity building of your organization
  • Multiple options available

Data Centre Migration Services

Minimising disruption while moving between Data Centres or from HQ to the Data Centre can be a real challenge, and Cloud Telecom can help!

Connectivity Partners

  • Structured cabling Services
  • Cabinet cabling planning and delivery
  • Cross Connect implementation and test

Migration Planning

  • Consultancy at planning stage to help cover all angles

Installation Services

  • Layout planning
  • Structured cabling installation
  • Cross connects install and testing
  • Rack and Stack services

Remote Hand Service

Remote hand Service is an on-site qualified technicians to help you run your data centres in Singapore

Co-location Data Centres

  • Provide on-site assistance via remote desktop support with the choice of apps such as Team Viewers or Zoom
  • Take inventory of equipment, take digital photos, and record serial numbers
  • Perform a power cycle on a router, server, or switch;
  • soft-boot a server but with clear and explicit remote instruction recorded on any messaging platform or video call
  • Assist in equipment basic rack mount installation service
  • Carry out ad-hoc fibre patching
  • Verify cable integrity on installed media


  • Provide assistance in unplugging, resetting, and restarting of boards, optical fibers, and optical modules
  • Extend patch cables from the patch panel to the equipment.
  • Add, remove, or verify a demarcation. Assist only, instruction must be clear and explicit.
  • Customer will be responsible in the integrity and accuracy of demarcation records.
  • Assemble, install, and maintain cabling
  • Provide visual verifications
  • Provide temporary good storage area

Bandwidth On Demand (BoD)

For all our services, Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) is also part of service offer, that allows our customers to request bandwidth at predefined levels when and where they need it.

Bandwidth on Demand allows our customer to request an increase in their bandwidth capacity to perform online data transfer or large-size data backup, etc. the network delivers it and then, after that time period, the bandwidth service goes back to contracted bandwidth as usual. This service can be opted for planned/pre-scheduled events and also for sudden needs.


Most importantly, Bandwidth on Demand accommodates the increasing demands of short duration bandwidth needs for events like online examinations, web casting-live video streaming of sports events, seminars, conferences, medical surgeries, spiritual gatherings/occasions, etc.

On top of Cloud Telecom’s DCI and local loop service, Bandwidth On Demand provides flexible bandwidth and connectivity benefits. These two highly compelling and customizable factors eliminate the requirement for static bandwidth connectivity, long-term contract, and operational overheads for customers, thus making customer experiences seamless yet meeting the need of the hour.